Recently, Insightrix Research examined social media in Manitoba using web scraping techniques to learn what issues Manitobans are talking about. We learned that one issue that is being discussed is visits to the emergency room.

So, between January 22-24, 2020, we asked 602 Manitoban residents from all over the province to tell us about their experiences at the emergency room using our online market research panel, ManitobaWatch™.

Check out the infographic below to find out what they told us.

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Almost half (47%) of Manitobans have been to the emergency room either for themselves of accompanying someone else in the last three months. Further, about the same number (48%) have been to the emergency room in the last 12 months.

When it comes to the experiences Manitobans who had visited an ER are having there, one third (33%) of respondents say they are very satisfied with the check-in and administration process, while almost the same number (32%) are very satisfied with the work ethic and the work culture they witnessed at ERs. That said, more than one third of Manitobans (37%) are very dissatisfied with the wait times they experience at emergency rooms.

We asked Manitoba residents who are dissatisfied with wait times what they think the main reason that contributes to the wait times they experience, and 37% of that group state they believe they are due to government cutbacks in health care. Approximately one fifth of that group (21%) say too many patients go to the hospital when they could easily go to a clinic or doctor’s office, and 16% say that wait times are because of the limited number of staff available to work.

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